Incident Management
and Response

Our specialists can help your organisation
respond to and manage security incidents.

Sentry First Incident Response

Security incidents and breaches are becoming more expensive and disruptive as time moves on. We aim to minimise the disruption caused by these incidents and reduce your time to remediation.
Incident Response

Incident Response

We can provide specialists to triage, contain and recover systems if an incident occurs. Our security specialists always aim to minimise the disruption caused to your business.

Incident Management

We can provide managers to coordinate efforts between multiple teams in response to a security event, to manage the event from identification through to recovery and lessons learned.

Incident Response Maturity

We have specialists that can review your current incident response process, recommend changes to improve the response and work with you to mature your capability

Tabletop Exercises

Having an untested response plan is not best practice due to unforeseen issues you may have implementing this should the need arise. We will work with your team to thoroughly test your plan and identify any areas of improvement.

Threat Modelling

Using threat modelling methodologies we can identify areas your business may be vulnerable and threat actors that may target your business.

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