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Sentry First are a highly experienced independent cyber security business, providing services for security investigations, threat hunting, threat intelligence, malware analysis, digital forensics, information security, IT risk and vulnerability management.

We bring over 9 years of experience and expertise in cyber security, working across multiple industries including defence, financial, commercial services and logistics.

Our Services


Incident Response

Security incidents and breaches are becoming more expensive and disruptive as time moves on. We aim to minimise the disruption caused by these incidents and reduce your time to remediation.
Incident Response
Incident  Management
Threat Modelling
Tabletop Exercises
Incident Response Maturity
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Cyber Security Analysis

Sentry First provides staff that have real-world experience in various SOCs over many industries such as Financial, Defence, Military and commercial. Each of these raise their own challenges which will augment the approach our staff take to providing services.
L1 Analysts
L3 Analysts
Content Engineer
L2 Analysts
SOC Manager
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Threat hunting

Sentry First has experienced threat hunters ready to engage client environments to help them meet the complex nature of attacks in modern times. With attackers being able to go undetected for long periods of time on company networks, proactively hunting adds another capability to your SOC in defending against attackers.
User Behavioural Threat Hunting
Intelligence Led Threat Hunting
Mitre Threat Hunting
Baseline Threat Hunting
Crown Jewels Threat Hunting
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Security Consultancy

We have highly experienced IT Security consultants that are able to bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to help your business successfully deliver programmes and projects or mature your IT Security posture.
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